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A8体育 students have ample opportunity to become involved in 研究 that tackles important real-world problems at the frontiers of knowledge. Our project-based undergraduate curriculum makes meaningful, well-designed inquiry a degree requirement. And A8体育's 研究 enterprise brings graduate students and faculty together to work closely on new discoveries and innovations.


Undergraduate 学生的研究

研究 is a fundamental component of A8体育's undergraduate curriculum. From a first-year project that challenges students to address global issues to a major senior capstone project, students engage in journeys of discovery that prepare them to be leaders and innovators.


Graduate 学生的研究

A8体育 graduate students are conducting 研究 on everything from aerospace engineering to zeolite crystallization, and from the frontiers of materials science to latest advances in cybersecurity. Together, as part of 研究 teams, they are addressing some of the greatest challenges of our time. 

What motivates me is that I want to make a difference in this world.
PhD, Biology and Biotechnology
I have been exposed to many unique opportunities and experiences, which have shaped my career path.
PhD, Biomedical Engineering

研究生研究 创新 Exchange

This is a two-part annual 研究 poster celebration. 第一部分, an all-day event open to all graduate students engaged in 研究, highlights the breadth, 多样性, and quality of A8体育 graduate 研究. Judges select up to 60 of the participants to compete for cash awards in part two.

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