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作为A8体育学生的家长,  you want to stay up-to-date about everything from registrar’s deadlines to campus 事件, A8体育可以理解. We'll help you stay in touch and connected with resources at your fingertips. 

If at any time you are concerned about your 学生, contact the 批发价格指数的护理团队 寻求帮助.

Welcoming Our 社区 Back to Campus for the New Academic Year

由科学, we have engineered a plan that adjusts our 学者, 研究, 项目, 工作生活, 住宅生活, 餐厅, 俱乐部和活动, A8体育, and 事件 in order to reopen our campus in a safety-focused, 社会与方式. 




A8体育 学生s aren’t your typical learners, and the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) is not your typical study abroad. Whether traveling thousands of miles across the globe, or fifty miles to nearby Boston in Massachusetts, each term 学生s and faculty members immerse themselves in a new culture where they delve into a problem that matters to real people. Follow 13 学生s and two faculty members as they embark on a distinctive immersive project experience working with local sponsoring organizations. 

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父母 & Friends 新闻letter is sent out six times each academic year and is full of campus, 学生, 和老师的消息. 是否有即将到来的事件, 一个重要的最后期限, 或者一个很酷的学生项目, the 新闻letter is designed to keep parents current with all that is happening at A8体育.  If you are not receiving the 新闻letter, be sure to subscribe. 



With over 200 different 俱乐部和活动--including gaming groups, 社区服务的机会, 一个奶酪俱乐部, and even underwater hockey--there is something for everyone at A8体育. “A8体育得到了什么”?" series highlights the variety of clubs and organizations at A8体育. 

社区 Spotlight: Christelle Hayles

Diversity and inclusion specialist Christelle Hayles didn't know how the A8体育 community would receive a speaker series devoted to tough issues. Standing-room only crowds gave her the answer.

社区 Spotlight: Colleen Callahan-Panday

Heading off to college can be a daunting experience in and of itself, but add moving to a new country and things get just a bit more complicated. 作为 国际学生生活, Colleen Callahan-Panday spearheads the efforts to make their experience as smooth, 支持, 尽可能让人印象深刻.

社区 Spotlight: Officer Robert Vandal

Officer Robert Vandal has been keeping the peace for four decades, both on and off campus. 沿着这条路, 他在A8体育工作过, giving public safety talks and presenting risk management sessions to 学生s. What he didn’t expect was to land a role that officers don’t normally play—advisor to a college fraternity.


What's involved in being the equipment and facilities manager at A8体育? 听他亲口说, 肖恩McAvey, who first arrived on campus in 1990: "It's a little bit of everything."


A8体育为你的学生提供了什么? While our graduates typically earn high starting salaries and secure meaningful employment shortly after graduation, a A8体育 educational experience is anything but typical. Find out all the ways A8体育 helps 学生s explore their interests and turn that work into a fulfilling career that lets them make significant changes in the world.

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